CFO Communications

Secure messaging done right eliminates fraud, invoicing scams, spoofing, and a host of other issues plaguing CFOs worldwide

Hackers have successfully monitored the unsecured email and messaging platforms used by c-suite executives and CFO’s in particular. They have reverse engineered the approval processes for submitting and paying invoices and scammed companies out of millions.
ArmorText employs true end-to-end encryption, multi-factor authentication and user+device-specific encryption, to provide a hyper-secure platform for board and c-suite communications.

When paired with smart approval and verification processes, ArmorText can eliminate phishing and invoicing scams.

Secure Invoicing
Secure Invoicing and Financial Approval Channels

Dedicated channels for accounts receivable and payable makes it possible to verify the authenticity of invoices with approved personnel in different organizations that have established trust relationships

Encrypted Document Library
Encrypted Document Library & Archive

The ability to organize, store and retrieve date and time stamped documents related to a transaction

Approval Authority
Approval Authority Inclusion Process

When engaged in departmental transactions two agents involved in the issuance and payment of an invoice can seamlessly invite a senior manager or approval authority to join an existing conversation, provide approval and guidance, and exit the conversation in real time. This feature provides a seamless and complete conversation that can be archived and reference in the future

Defense in Depth Encryption
Defense in Depth Encryption Strategy

Takes the worry out of processing payments by providing a hyper-secure platform for financial approval processes

  • True End-to-End Encryption That’s Specific to Each User+Device, Multi-Factor, Authentication and Unique Ciphers for every message
  • Client Eyes Only Privacy Architecture
  • Insider Threat Risk Reduction Strategy
  • Compartmented Communications
  • Trust relationships that enable or disable communications between distinct groups within an organization or between multiple organizations at home and abroad
  • Virtual War Room for Crisis Management & Incident Response

email hackers targeting c-level executives with precision malware looking to harvest intellectual information from them...

The C-Suite as Prime Target for Cyberattacks

December 1, 2017

From the moment the malware {board and c-suite email and messaging hack} was launched-months after the hackers first broke in-it took just one hour to throw Sony pictures back into the era of the Betamax. The studio was reduced to using fax machines, communicating through posted messages, and paying its 7,000 employees with paper checks.

June 1, 2015

The 'bogus boss' email scam costing firms millions…You return from a trip to find that hundreds of thousands of dollars has been transferred out of company accounts - apparently at your instruction. But you have no idea what your accountant is talking about

January 1, 2016

Case Studies

Jones Group International (JGI)

A Powerful Enterprise Messaging Solution for Global Concerns


Secure Messaging and Crisis Management in the midst of an escalating international conflict


Customer Feedback

“The threat of industrial espionage is real. Secure communications is an integral part of how we operate, and ArmorText is a key component of our overall business strategy.”

Luke Ritter

CEO, Fraser Optics

“ArmorText provides secure, immediate messaging no matter where in the world our team is deployed. Their tech support is unmatched, often responding immediately when questions are posed from eight time zones away.”

Greg Jones

Vice President, JGI

"The threat to proprietary information is very real and will only increase over time. ArmorText is simply the best product offering in the category."

Todd Bradley

Colonel (ret), United States Air Force

"The entire foundation of our organization is based on trust — the trust our donors, partners, and beneficiaries put in us. A breach of our communications and any privacy leaks would be devestating to them and to us."

Sarah Hillware

Founder & President, Girls Health Ed

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