Easy to deploy, easy to use, and hyper-secure...finally, a secure messenger that reduces burdens on IT and simultaneously puts a smile on the faces of CISOs worldwide

Gone are the days when enterprise communications travelled within the confines of approved internal applications shielded by digital firewalls. Consumer and Enterprise messengers that lack true end-to-end encryption have made their way into corporate culture, and were featured prominently on the Forbes “Top 10 Security Breaches of 2015.” To be fair, they were never designed to service the privacy and security needs of the most sensitive enterprise operations. They offer convenience and coolness, but lack true end-to-end encryption, and enterprise and information lifecycle controls.
ArmorText offers your teams a next generation messaging experience that feels natural from the start, takes minutes to roll out, and immediately increases the security posture of your organization.

Chief Information Officers (CIOs) need a secure messaging solution that provides the following:

Enterprise Control
Enterprise Control

Most enterprise messaging solutions do not provide users and IT departments with a way to manage passwords and PIN policies, limit communications within the organization, assign reviewers, or deal with lost or stolen devices that contain sensitive information.

End-to-End Solution
End-to-End Solution

Many of today’s messaging solutions do not work seamlessly with different devices and operating systems, thus requiring additional piecemeal solutions. Most also lack file sharing capabilities critical for today’s data-driven business environment.

Records Retention
Records Retention

The ability to retain records for regulatory compliance, comply with legal mandates, enforce internal policies requirements, and reduce volumes of critical information on user devices.

Ease of Use
Ease of Use

Enterprise messaging solutions must be easy to use, have a familiar interface, and be available on preferred devices in order for users to fully embrace them.

email hackers targeting c-level executives with precision malware looking to harvest intellectual information from them...

September 1, 2017

From the moment the malware {board and c-suite email and messaging hack} was launched-months after the hackers first broke in-it took just one hour to throw Sony pictures back into the era of the Betamax. The studio was reduced to using fax machines, communicating through posted messages, and paying its 7,000 employees with paper checks.

June 1, 2015

Chicago Law Firm Accused of Lax Data Security in Lawsuit…The complaint refers to Johnson & Bell “as a data breach waiting to happen” and claims the firm marketed itself as using top data security to protect its clients’ information but in fact had numerous lapses, including — according to the complaint — an online time-keeping system that had not been updated in 10 years.

December 1, 2016

Why you need ArmorText

  • Seamless interoperability across the majority of operating systems, mobile devices, tablets and desktops
  • Protects your conversations, enclosures and high-value transactions
  • Empowers you with full enterprise and information lifecycle controls
  • The only secure messenger built for regulated industries

Case Studies

Jones Group International (JGI)

A Powerful Enterprise Messaging Solution for Global Concerns


Secure Messaging and Crisis Management in the midst of an escalating international conflict


Customer Feedback

“The threat of industrial espionage is real. Secure communications is an integral part of how we operate, and ArmorText is a key component of our overall business strategy.”

Luke Ritter

CEO, Fraser Optics

“ArmorText provides secure, immediate messaging no matter where in the world our team is deployed. Their tech support is unmatched, often responding immediately when questions are posed from eight time zones away.”

Greg Jones

Vice President, JGI

"The threat to proprietary information is very real and will only increase over time. ArmorText is simply the best product offering in the category."

Todd Bradley

Colonel (ret), United States Air Force

"The entire foundation of our organization is based on trust — the trust our donors, partners, and beneficiaries put in us. A breach of our communications and any privacy leaks would be devestating to them and to us."

Sarah Hillware

Founder & President, Girls Health Ed

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