Getting the most out of ArmorText

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For everyone else, this page provides additional information to help you get the most out of ArmorText.

What if I need to chat with the same group of colleagues about several different topics? How do I keep it all organized?

This is where our Groups feature comes in handy. Groups let you save a list of contacts and use it whenever you need to discuss a different topic with the same group of people.

For example, here at ArmorText HQ, we’ve got a thread for team coordination. This helps us keep track of who is working remotely, who is in the office, or who’s taking a ski day. We’ve also got a thread for testing out new iOS features (and one for Android, and for Desktop, etc.). Adding each member of the team to each new thread was tedious and error prone – so we created a way to save the group for future use. We can even add multiple groups to the same thread, or add a mix of groups and individual contacts (and so can you!). The possibilities are endless – give it a try!

We built this feature to help you keep discussions laser-focused on the topic at hand, as opposed to having group discussions all in a single thread which can quickly devolve into unfocused noise – killing productivity and effective communication.

I’ve got a proposal I’m working on, but I really need my colleague’s help to finish it. What’s the best way to get her in the loop?

Simply attach your proposal to a new or existing thread inside ArmorText. Use the “Share with” feature on iOS devices or just click/tap the paperclip on your Android or Desktop client.

Bonus: any files you share will automatically be synced to your ArmorText Media Library for future reference and quick sharing inside the app. The ArmorText Media Library is accessible on mobile devices from the main menu (coming soon to desktop!).

What happens if my phone is stolen, lost, or damaged beyond repair?

First, notify your ArmorText administrator right away. They can make sure that any ArmorText data on a lost or stolen device is wiped safely without affecting your personal data (just in case your phone is eventually recovered). Then download ArmorText on your new device and log in.

Looks like I’m moving on to a new adventure (read: I got a new job!). What happens to all my ArmorText data/messages?

Your ArmorText Administrator will take care of clearing up any company data that you no longer need access to.

If you’re transitioning to a new company you’ll probably want to just go ahead and set up a new ArmorText account using your new work email address.

Your former colleagues may or may not be able to connect with you depending on the organizational privacy settings your respective companies have chosen.

Check with your ArmorText administrator if you’re having trouble finding someone in the directory.

One of my employees is leaving the company. What happens to their ArmorText account?

If they created their ArmorText account using their corporate email address, your ArmorText Administrator can revoke their keys, and disable their account.

If they created their ArmorText account using a personal email address, technically they own the account and you own the messaging data. Your ArmorText administrator should be able to remove them from your organization and wipe their messaging history from their devices.

If you need help getting this done, contact ArmorText Support inside the app, or via email at

I need to focus, but the team is having an active discussion that I don’t need to engage with right now. What can I do to limit distractions?

Just mute the conversation until you’re ready to chime in. You’ll be able to see where you left off so you can get caught up before jumping back into the discussion. Just long tap the conversation on Android, swipe it to the left on iOS, or click the gear icon on the upper right inside the thread on Desktop.

You can also set your status to “Away” or “Unavailable” to let your co-workers know that you’re busy, and/or adjust your app-wide notification preferences in the settings menu – either of which should help limit interruptions. To adjust your status just click/tap your avatar and select the appropriate status (on iOS you can change your status in the User Profile).

My colleague added me to a thread about March Madness, but I have no interest in college hoops. What do I do?

Simple– just leave the conversation. Once you’ve left, you’ll no longer get new messages or notifications and the thread will automatically be sent to your archive. If you’re worried about offending your colleagues you could just mute the thread so you won’t be interrupted with everyone’s bracket updates. Now you can stay focused on work (or at least limit distractions to your preferred form of non-work-related entertainment).

I got a new phone! But when I logged into ArmorText everything was encrypted. What’s up?

Don’t freak out! This is a security feature that protects your message history against being exposed by a stolen password. Every device you log in from has a unique set of encryption/decryption keys. When you move to a new device a new set of keys is generated – this set of keys cannot unlock any old data. This means that if someone does get your username/password, they won’t be able to access your message history.

Soon we’ll be adding a feature that will let you unlock your message history on a new device. It’ll work in conjunction with our desktop app, which we highly recommend you download and log into at least once after you first register your account. ArmorText for Desktop is a great messenger which you will find is a perfect complement to the mobile experience.

My friend has ArmorText on their phone, but I can’t seem to find them in the directory – what’s up with that?

This all depends on your company’s Organizational Privacy settings (and that of your friend’s company).

There are 3 basic settings for organizational privacy:

  • Public: Users inside the organization can search, connect, and message with any users who are searchable in the global ArmorText directory, and any other organizations that are set to Public.
  • Semi-Private: Users can freely search and connect with users outside their own organization, but they will not appear in search results for public ArmorText users or those in other organizations. ArmorText Administrators can establish trust relationships with other organizations to enable cross-org search & messaging for their users.
  • Private: Users can only search and be seen by users within their own organization. ArmorText Administrators can establish trust relationships with other organizations to enable cross-org search & messaging for their users.

Contact your ArmorText Administrator to see how they’ve handled connecting with users outside the company.


I don’t see my question here. What should I do?

If you’re able to log in and send messages inside ArmorText, search for ArmorText Support and drop us a note.

If you’re unable to log in let’s get you sorted out ASAP! You can email or reach out via our contact page.

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