Welcome to ArmorText!

In just a few short steps we’ll have you and your team chatting, sharing images, PDFs, docs, and more – all securely!

Quick Start Guide


Step 1: Downloading ArmorText

Download Armortext for mobile and desktop. You’ll only need to sign up once and then sign in on your other devices. Having ArmorText on your phone and your desktop ensures you’ll receive important messages from your team on the go, in the office, and wherever you work best.

Step 2: Sign up

Frankly, email is less than ideal for team collaboration — slow responses, never knowing who’s online, security concerns, and the dreaded “reply all”.

If your team has already setup an ArmorText domain, signing up with your work email (or sign up code) will move you into your team’s private directory where you’ll be able to see and work with all of your colleagues.

If you’re testing us out as an individual, registering will take you into our Public directory. Not to worry, you’ll be able to manage if and when you can be seen by others with our privacy options under Settings once you’re in the app.

Now, let’s get started!

You can easily sign up from our iOS, Android, Mac or PC apps. (We recommended you Download Armortext across your devices up front.)

Look for the ArmorText icon:

Once ArmorText loads, click (or tap) on “Sign up”.

(ArmorText Desktop Application)

You’ll want to use your work email address or a signup code to make sure you’re immediately connected to your team.

Check your welcome email to see if you were given a signup code. This is important because if your work email isn’t connected to your team’s list of email domains, this code ensures you’ll still be connected to your team.

(Optional: Sign up code entry on Desktop Application)

Once that’s all filled out tap on “Sign me up” and follow the instructions on screen and in your email. You’re all set!


Step 3: Connect

Now that you’re in the app, the left hand navigation bar will help you get around. Start a new conversation and find your team mates by typing their name in the to field. You’re all set to securely chat, share images, PDFs, docs, and more!


Want to change your Avatar? Tap and upload a new photo. Just remember, your colleagues & peers will see your photo.

You can also manage your status here so others know when or how you’re available.


Groups are a great way to create a shortcut for multiple people you’ll be speaking to across multiple conversations. e.g. ‘Sales Team’. You can add entire groups of people to conversations just as you would individuals, and you can still manage each individuals participation individually.


All of your conversations, 1-on-1 or 1-to-many (groups), can be found here.

In ArmorText, your conversations are organized around topics, not just recipients. Subjects or topics aren’t required to converse, but they do help you stay organized.


Your contacts contain the people you’ve added yourself or others who have been in conversations with you.

Your contacts are synced across your devices so you only need to add or start a message with someone once and their contact profile will sync across all of your devices.

Mobile Menu

On the mobile clients, the “hamburger menu” button reveals your left hand navigation bar. You’ll see all your Avatar, Conversations, Groups, and Contacts on mobile just as you do on desktop.

In addition to the functions listed above, on mobile you’ll also find a Secure Media Library (for any attachments you’ve sent/received) and a Support & Feedback link for any questions/comments you may have.

A Note on Organizational Privacy

By default most organizations are set to “Private” – which means that when searching for contacts you will only be able to see and connect with other users at your company that are on ArmorText. We’ve enabled cross-org search for ArmorText employees so that you can message us inside the app with any questions and/or feedback – please feel free to reach out any time. If you need to connect with someone outside your organization, contact your ArmorText Administrator for help.

Ready to get the most out of ArmorText?

Explore new features along the way, or if you’re already curious about getting the most out of ArmorText, check out our friendly guide.

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