Welcome to the Promised Land of Secure Enterprise Communications

Most “security” & “secure messaging” solutions impede productivity with poor user experience. ArmorText leverages true end-to-end encryption to actually improve user experiences around messaging and file-share, and delivers enterprise controls and information lifecycle management for your organization across Android, iOS, PC, Mac, and even Linux if you need it. End-to-end encryption protects your communications from intercept over the wire, while enterprise controls allow you to manage password/pin policies, who can communicate with whom, and lost or stolen devices that contain sensitive communications. Information lifecycle management gives you the power to control how long sensitive communications continue to reside on individuals’ devices or in your own archives. Addressing End-to-End Encryption alone can leave you with a false-sense of security

The ArmorText model leaves us, as your provider, in a zero knowledge state about your messages and file content, while enabling you to meet and manage your data retention requirements.

Private keys are generated for each user and communication device pair, keeping us out of your sensitive conversations. If we cannot read your conversations, we cannot be data mined for them. We cannot be subpoenaed for them. We cannot be hacked for them. ArmorText returns the security of business conducted behind the firewall, with all the conveniences and advantages of the cloud.

Because each user and device has a unique key pair, lost, stolen, or confiscated devices are no longer a cause for concern. ArmorText generates a distinct key pair for every new user on each device.

When you sign into ArmorText on a new device, you cannot view previous communications until you verify your identity on your existing device. As a result, stolen credentials aren’t as dangerous. If John Podesta had ArmorText when his credentials were stolen, his hackers would be blocked from his entire communications history upon log in.


When all devices are safe and accounted for, ArmorText’s intuitive and seamless UI syncs chat history. The encryption approach works with integrations and search, and is transparent to the user.

ArmorText enables you to support distinct scopes of review, such as by country, jurisdiction, line of business, or department, that are cryptographically backed. Distinct reviewers possess specific keys to decrypt only the communications of users for whom they are designated reviewers. This feature reduces legal risks while meeting multi-jurisdiction policies and regulatory requirements.

In a hackable world, ArmorText provides peace of mind for enterprises, without sacrificing the comfort of a seamless and familiar user interface. Reputations and trust that take years to build take seconds to destroy. Your brand is only safe with technology that is encrypted end to end, with enterprise controls and lifecycle management. Your brand is only safe with ArmorText.

Curious to see how ArmorText could help your organization?

ArmorText has been designed to meet the secure messaging & governance needs of multiple verticals. Our briefings have been tailored to address the unique drivers and needs of different industries and roles within an organization.

Case Studies

Jones Group International (JGI)

A Powerful Enterprise Messaging Solution for Global Concerns


Secure Messaging and Crisis Management in the midst of an escalating international conflict


Customer Feedback

“The threat of industrial espionage is real. Secure communications is an integral part of how we operate, and ArmorText is a key component of our overall business strategy.”

Luke Ritter

CEO, Fraser Optics

“ArmorText provides secure, immediate messaging no matter where in the world our team is deployed. Their tech support is unmatched, often responding immediately when questions are posed from eight time zones away.”

Greg Jones

Vice President, JGI

"The threat to proprietary information is very real and will only increase over time. ArmorText is simply the best product offering in the category."

Todd Bradley

Colonel (ret), United States Air Force

"The entire foundation of our organization is based on trust — the trust our donors, partners, and beneficiaries put in us. A breach of our communications and any privacy leaks would be devestating to them and to us."

Sarah Hillware

Founder & President, Girls Health Ed

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