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When End-to-End Encryption Isn't Enough...

Addressing End-to-End Encryption alone can leave you with a false-sense of security. Just as a onelegged stool would fall over, so too will a communications security strategy that leaves out Enterprise Controls and Information Lifecycle Management.


End-to-End Encryption

End-to-end encryption serves as the backbone of any truly secure messaging service in the cloud.

ArmorText enables users to send & receive secure messages across multiple devices simultaneously. With unique cryptographic representation for each user+device, when a device is lost or stolen your users continue to work securely from their remaining devices while your administrators wipe & disable messages & keys on the errant device remotely.

Since the private keys necessary to decrypt your messages never leave your device or transit our networks, ArmorText can never read, decrypt, or share your messages!


Enterprise Controls & Governance

You need the ability to manage policies, assign reviewers, deal with lost devices, & a whole lot more.

ArmorText provides MDM-like capabilities to manage password/pin policies, who can communicate with whom, assign reviewers, and take action to deal with lost or stolen devices that contain sensitive communications (and a whole lot more…). These capabilities work with or without an MDM and support BYOD & corporate sponsored device scenarios. We even help you deal with contractors, vendors, and others where you’ll never likely have an MDM in place.


Information Lifecycle Management

While your business may need to retain records for years at a time to meet internal policy requirements, regulatory compliance, or legal mandates, that doesn’t mean messages need to pile up on your end users’ devices.

ArmorText users have the ability to set individual message expirations, while organizations have the ability to manage by policy how long messages continue to be decryptable on end user devices vs. within archives for your internal reviewers, compliance & legal teams, etc.

As always, ArmorText can never read, decrypt, or share your messages!

Ease of use, increased productivity, and best-in-class security

Ease of use, increased productivity, and best-in-class security

Your policies & governance determine how ArmorText is managed & reviewed

Your policies & governance determine how ArmorText is managed & reviewed

Retention & review capabilities that enhance security and increase productivity…

ArmorText enables:

  • administrators to manage enterprise accounts without privileged access to user content, thus preventing Snowden-type bulk downloads
  • reviewers to perform their duties without admin support, thus saving time and money

Ready to protect your organization?

Most organizations don’t realize how vulnerable & valuable their communications are until they see them plastered all over the headlines. By then it’s too late!

The threat of industrial espionage is real. Secure communications is an integral part of how we operate, and ArmorText is a key component of our overall business strategy. Luke Ritter

CEO, Fraser Optics

ArmorText brings us peace of mind. It would be ridiculous to let Facebook manage our firewalls. We wouldn’t let them manage our messaging security either. Timothy Gentry

President, Clique

The threat to proprietary information is very real and will only increase over time. ArmorText is simply the best product offering in the category. Todd Bradley

Colonel (ret), United States Air Force

The entire foundation of our organization is based on trust — the trust our donors, partners, and beneficiaries put in us. A breach of our communications and any privacy leaks would be devestating to them and to us. Sarah Hillware

Founder & President, Girls Health Ed

  • Employees who text for work 82%
  • Salespeople who close deals over text 32%
  • Employees who want to separate personal & business messaging 62%
  • IT Admins who abuse privileged credentials & spy on emails/chats 33%

> 45.5 M unique message ciphers to date

Curious to see how ArmorText could help your organization?

ArmorText has been designed to meet the secure messaging & governance needs of multiple verticals. Our briefings have been tailored to address the unique drivers and needs of different industries and roles within an organization.

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