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ArmorText has unveiled enhanced support for the Relativity Short Message Format (RSMF), optimized for e-Discovery needs. Enhanced support for RSMF is a part of ArmorText’s ongoing commitment to make the adoption of end-to-end encryption for sensitive communications seamless for enterprises.
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On the heels of announcing its enhanced ArmorText Secure Gateway, ArmorText unveils its expanded Crisis Response Reserve Capacity offering enabling customers to scale their existing ArmorText Secure Out of Band Collaboration™ workspaces to broader segments of the business for business continuity and disaster recovery purposes when needed at a fraction of the cost.
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ArmorText has unveiled its enhanced Secure Gateway, allowing organizations to send end-to-end encrypted sensitive data, such as messaging and file-related content, from any source, including OT systems and SIEM data, directly to security teams on ArmorText.
Embracing the military ethos of staying ‘Left of Bang’ – a proactive rather than reactive approach to threats – is pivotal for Security Operations, DevSecOps, and Threat Intel Sharing communications. These areas are lucrative targets for threat actors intending to sustain or propagate attacks. This strategy entails implementing safeguarding measures not just in the aftermath of a breach, but before potential threats are realized.
In today’s interconnected world, the cybersecurity landscape is evolving at an unprecedented pace. Two major perspectives have emerged in the discourse, with one focusing on organizational accountability for cybersecurity and the other shifting the responsibility from customers to manufacturers. These viewpoints are not mutually exclusive, but rather, they form a composite picture of the cybersecurity reality we face today.
Recent advice on maintaining individual privacy from Wired simply doesn’t cut it for enterprises with legal, compliance, and regulatory concerns. Here’s how organizations can improve upon Wired’s recommendations.
94% of respondents in Mimecast’s The State of Email Security 2023 report agreed that Google Workspace and Microsoft O365 native security functionality just is not cutting it.
With official support for the export of selected ranges of retained records by Reviewers within their Scopes-of-Review into the RSMF format, ArmorText is taking a significant step forward in the realm of e-Discovery. RSMF format allows for the seamless import and analysis of various types of digital communications for e-Discovery. This includes emails, chats, instant messages, SMS, MMS, and now ArmorText.
An email server’s sensitive but unclassified contents, including emails pertaining to USSOCOM operations, were left exposed to anyone on the internet with the server’s IP address. It is time to adopt protocols built from the ground up with end-to-end encryption to protect sensitive collaboration and communications.
Regardless of how the threat actor gains initial access, reconnaissance & privilege escalation and ultimately, Exfiltration, destruction, and extortion are their aim. DEV-0537 / LAPSUS$ joins its victims’ crisis communication calls and internal discussion boards (Slack, Teams, conference calls, and others) to understand the incident response workflow and their corresponding response.