Building a Solid Business Case: The ROI of Secure Out of Band Collaboration with ArmorText

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Making the Business Case for ArmorText

Immediate Need: Time-Critical Incident Reporting

In today’s regulatory environment, some sectors require incident reporting in as short as 36 hours. If your primary communication channels are compromised, you don’t have the luxury of time to re-establish them. A minute lost could mean non-compliance.

The Hidden Costs of Temporary Fixes

Jumping to apps like Signal or WhatsApp might seem like a quick fix, but it’s a short-sighted one. These platforms can result in financial and legal repercussions down the line due to a lack of record retention.

The Importance of Keeping Cyber Insurance Confidential

Failure to safeguard your cyber insurance coverage limits can lead to denied claims or even allegations of impropriety. In an already costly incident, this could add potentially millions more in lost coverage.

Cost Savings through Preparedness

Effective Incident Response (IR) planning and testing result in substantial cost savings. Firms with robust IR strategies save an average of $1.49M during breach scenarios.

Rapid Response Equals Lower Costs

Delays exacerbate costs. Breaches contained within 200 days cost $3.93M on average, while those taking longer rise to $4.95M—a staggering 23% increase.

The Ransomware Playbook

Established workflows tailored for ransomware attacks contained threats in 68 days, a full 12 days less than the 80-day average. At the heart of this playbook? Uninterrupted communication.

Critical Infrastructure Organizations at Greater Risk

These sectors face breach costs of $5.04M, a 28.6% hike over other industries. For these organizations, delays and compromised communications carry an even heavier price.

Post-Breach Investments Signal Pre-Breach Needs

Over half of breached companies bolster spending post-incident. Their top investment? IR planning and testing (50%). This shows a clear recognition of their desire to be better prepared for the next time. Secure out of band communications are a core part of IR preparedness.

Faster Breach Identification

Having an IR team and regularly tested IR plan meant breaches were detected 54 days quicker than those without either. Central to this rapid response? Seamless communication, even in the face of adversaries.

Analysis builds upon IBM Security’s Cost of a Data Breach Report 2023

By The Numbers: Potential Impact of ArmorText

ArmorText is an ever ready part of your arsenal in the face of crises and advanced adversaries during incident response.

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