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Crisis Readiness
Tailored to Your Business Needs.

We Can Help Enhance Your Next Set of Incident Response Tabletop Exercises.

Tailored Solutions for Optimal Preparedness

Our approach isn’t just about one-size-fits-all, routine scenarios; it’s about honing in on the specifics of your business. We partner with firms of all sizes to not only guide them through tabletop exercises but also to tailor these scenarios to align with business context and match their unique needs.

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Expertise Born of Unparalleled Exposure

As a leading incident response collaboration tool, we work with hundreds of SOCs, IR, and Threat Intel teams planning for and responding to cyber events every year. We leverage that exposure to bring a wealth of insights to the table that most professional service practices can’t match.

We’ve walked in your shoes, we know the landscape, and we leverage this first-hand knowledge to help get you to incident response and remediation readiness. Thats why over 40 organizations have already used us as part of their cyber security planning exercises.

Emphasizing Senior Leadership Involvement​

New rules by NYDFS and the SEC, requirements by DOJ, NERC, TSA and CISA have all increased the need for board oversight in incident response planning. Our specialty lies in working with boards, executives, C-suites, and senior leadership, ensuring your organization’s most influential members are not just aware of, but are actively engaged in crisis readiness.

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Navroop Mitter and Matt Calligan are not just the co-creators of Cyber Resilience: Incident Response Tabletop Exercises 2023, but also the guiding lights behind ArmorText’s unique offerings. As industry veterans, their combined experiences span working with a diverse range of sectors and successfully addressing complex security and resilience challenges at the highest levels.

Need an independent facilitator with front-line experience to lead your next tabletop?