Threat Intelligence
Shouldn’t Be Your Downfall.

The current threat landscape has increased in scale and sophistication, but you don’t have enough time or people to address it. Collective defense communities are the only way to scale your defense to meet (and beat) ever-changing threats. ArmorText’s Secure Out of Band communications platform is the industry standard for intelligence sharing and collective defense communities.

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Threat actors have evolved over the past decade, and so should your approach to threat intelligence.

Hackers, attackers, and chaos agents regularly work together to share information, tips, and techniques for infiltrating vulnerable information technology systems, with one attack informing another. Shouldn’t your business use that same collective power to protect itself?

Your best defense against a constantly changing offense.

Collective defense communities — where organizations agree to share threat intelligence in the interest of providing greater protection for all community members — are you best defense against a constantly-changing offense. By sharing real-time detection data, behavioral analytics information, and other threat insights, your collective defense community will boost your ability to detect and prevent attacks from ever occurring.

ArmorText’s collective defense communities provide an early warning system for threats.

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Hackers are working together to steal your data. Don’t take them on alone. Join an ArmorText collective defense community and stay ahead of evolving threats.