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ArmorText Messenger

Secure Messaging with a great UX

  • Securely message & share files on any OS/device
  • Engage in 1-on-1 and group chats
  • Send & received images, PDFs, Docs, XLS, etc
  • True End-to-End Encryption
  • Each user+device is a unique endpoint
  • Messages are uniquely encrypted before send
  • Decryption keys never leave users’ devices
  • Only the intended recipient(s) can decipher a message
  • Capabilities like search are performed locally on device
  • Message contents are never indexed in the cloud
  • Hardened servers & our inability to read your messages or files makes bulk hacks unworkable
  • Ability to send & receive end-to-end encrypted messages across multiple devices simultaneously
  • Client-eyes-only privacy policy means ArmorText cannot access, read, share, mine or monetize your content

ArmorText Pro

Everything in Messenger, plus:

  • Enterprise Controls & Information Lifecycle Management
  • Separates administration from review
  • Admins can manage accounts w/o read access
    • manage policies, expirations / aging to limit liabilities
    • wipe sensitive data from lost or stolen devices
    • and, set retention policies, trust relationships, and firewalls help support regulations, e.g. SOX, HIPAA, FINRA, and FERPA
  • Policies can be applied across an enterprise, by line of business, or down to even individual teams
  • Organization-controlled message retention can be enforced distinctly on devices, and in archives
  • Designated reviewers can review assigned personnel within their purview
  • Each reviewers’ scope is uniquely encrypted, time-boxed, and can be unique or overlap w/ other reviewers

Enterprise Options: Identity Provisioning & Single Sign On

Coming soon: Encrypted Voice w/ Enterprise Controls

  Secure Enterprise Collaboration