Guarding The Guardians: How Secure Comms Outwit Cyber Spies


While the fallout from a security breach and the ensuing Incident Response communications are often the focal point when considering the need for Secure Out of Band Collaboration™, many organizations overlook the critical importance of also securing key communications that occur before an incident. In the military, the concept of staying “Left of Bang” – being proactive rather than reactive to threats – is a strategic cornerstone. In cybersecurity, this principle translates into adopting protective measures not merely in response to a breach, but in anticipation of potential threats. This approach is particularly relevant to day-to-day communications within Security Operations, DevSecOps, and Threat Intel Sharing.

The Value of Pre-Incident Communications

According to IBM Security’s Cost of a Data Breach Report 2022, the mean time to identify a breach has taken place is more than 200 days, providing ample opportunity for threat actors to engage in reconnaissance and surveillance of communications.

Security Operations, DevSecOps, and Threat Intel Sharing communications are potential gold mines for threat actors seeking to continue or perpetuate an attack. These communications often contain crucial information, such as:

  • Credentials/Passwords/API Keys: Unauthorized access to systems and applications can be granted through these pieces of information.
  • Internal Procedures:  Knowledge of an organization’s defenses and workflows can enable a threat actor to bypass security measures.
  • Vulnerability Info: Attackers can exploit known weaknesses before patches are implemented.
  • Network Diagrams: These can assist an attacker in navigating and exploiting the network infrastructure more effectively.
  • Org Charts: Key personnel can be targeted for attacks and impersonations when identified.
  • Threat Intelligence Data: Observing how collective defense communities discuss cyber challenges or specific threats could inform more sophisticated attacks.

Securing these communications is an essential part of the “Left of Bang” approach.

The ArmorText Advantage

Many organizations already trust ArmorText to protect their day-to-day communications within Security Operations, DevSecOps, and Threat Intel Sharing. Our platform stands apart by offering unique protective capabilities that are designed with a proactive defense strategy in mind.

ArmorText employs a unique, patented User+Device and Scope-of-Review specific end-to-end encryption approach that enables cryptographically enforced Segregation-of-Duties (User, Admin, and Reviewer). This approach helps organizations maintain governance while reducing risks and eliminating common attack vectors. Benefits include:

  • Exposed Credentials Exposed Data
  • Reviewer Access Access to Everything
  • Admin Access Insider Threat
  • Compromised Network Comms Outage
  • Supply Chain Attack Data Leaks
  • Out of Band Out of Compliance

ArmorText isn’t just a tool for incident response; it’s a comprehensive solution for securing all critical communications. It is designed to be an essential part of your cybersecurity strategy.

Furthermore, ArmorText’s design is user-friendly and integrates seamlessly into your existing workflows.


A proactive approach is key in cybersecurity. By focusing on securing pre-incident communications, organizations can stay “Left of Bang” and reduce the likelihood of threat actors exploiting their valuable information. ArmorText offers a reliable, secure platform that supports this proactive approach and helps organizations protect their critical communications.

Isn’t it time we all moved Secure Out of Band Collaboration™ “Left of Bang”?

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