A New Era for E-Discovery: RSMF Support Added to ArmorText for Reviewers


With the surge in digital communications, it’s no surprise that electronic discovery (e-Discovery) is now a fundamental element in legal processes worldwide. The shift towards a digital-first approach is most evident in the world of law, where the discovery process has evolved from sifting through stacks of paperwork to navigating through volumes of electronic data.

These electronic communications can include emails, chats, instant messages, SMS, MMS, and much more. To simplify this process, Relativity, a leading provider of e-Discovery platforms, led the charge in creating the Relativity Short Message Format (RSMF).

The RSMF format allows for the seamless import and analysis of various types of digital communications. This includes emails, chats, instant messages, SMS, MMS, and now ArmorText.

ArmorText’s Unique Offering

As a leading provider of Secure Out of Band Collaboration for Enterprises, ArmorText is the only end-to-end encrypted communications platform that supports User+Device specific end-to-end encryption for communications and, uniquely, Scope-of-Review specific end-to-end encryption for retained archives.

This feature means that specific Reviewers can be mapped to particular Scopes-of-Review, which can either overlap or be distinct, depending on strategic or legal objectives. Only the appropriate Reviewers can decrypt communications within their Scopes-of-Review.

ArmorText has always supported e-Discovery capabilities for these end-to-end encrypted Scopes-of-Review via the ArmorText Vault, part of the ArmorText Desktop Client available to those with the right privileges. Moreover, ArmorText has consistently provided Reviewers the ability to perform JSON exports of selected ranges of retained records within their Scopes-of-Review for processing in traditional e-Discovery platforms.

Now, with official support for the export of selected ranges of retained records by Reviewers within their Scopes-of-Review into the RSMF format, ArmorText is taking a significant step forward in the realm of e-Discovery.

The Power of RSMF in ArmorText

While some vendors struggle with maintaining linkages between individual messages, shared files, and conversations, ArmorText maintains this linkage during export. This makes importing retained archives into tools like Relatively seamless and painless, reducing the need for manual effort to accurately reconstruct transcripts for review.

The effectiveness of ArmorText’s support for RSMF has been validated by industry professionals. The Director of eDiscovery for a global financial institution recently commented that “I wish MSFT would export like this as this looks better than the Teams data we process.”

Such positive feedback is a testament to the level of efficiency and accuracy that ArmorText’s RSMF export functionality brings to the table and ArmorText’s commitment to delivering best-in-class enterprise controls while also ensuring the security of your most sensitive communications.

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