ArmorText Meets Surging Client Demand with Crisis Response Reserve Capacity Offering

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August 23, 2023 10:46 AM Eastern Daylight Time

MCLEAN, Va.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–On the heels of announcing its enhanced ArmorText Secure Gateway, Global leader in Secure Out of Band Collaboration™ArmorText, unveils its expanded Crisis Response Reserve Capacity offering designed to bolster security and crisis response capabilities for critical infrastructure entities across the globe.

Trusted by banking, healthcare, utilities, oil & gas, manufacturing, defense industrial base, governments, and other critical sectors, ArmorText safeguards communication for organizations worldwide, including energy providers supplying over 80% of all American household power and financial institutions with $2 trillion in AUM. These organizations leverage ArmorText to secure day-to-day security operations, incident response, and collective defense through threat intelligence knowledge sharing.

As per The Forrester Wave™: Secure Communications, Q3 2022, “ArmorText excels at enabling out of band communications… [and] is a great fit for security operations, incident response communications and collaboration, as well as multi-organization threat intelligence sharing.”

ArmorText’s Crisis Response Reserve Capacity lets organizations pay a small, annual reservation fee to ensure they can quickly scale their existing ArmorText Secure Out of Band Collaboration™ workspaces to broader segments of the business for business continuity and disaster recovery purposes when needed. This capability allows customers to add large volumes of new users on a moment’s notice – even without email access – and only pay for licenses when they use them. The result is a cost-efficient solution that ensures seamless and secure communication, even amidst crisis situations.

“Damaging hacks like those of Uber, Western Digital, and Solarwind’s customers have underscored a vital truth – threat actors can persist within standard communication channels during a crisis, disrupting both response efforts and core operations,” commented ArmorText’s CEO Navroop Mitter, reflecting on the significance of this offering. “Our Crisis Response Reserve Capacity was specifically designed to address this need. It’s a dynamic capability that provides organizations the agility to pivot swiftly and maintain secure communication across the broader enterprise, even amidst a major cybersecurity crisis.”

“Our clients don’t know how much of their organization will be impacted by a cyber attack and traditional pre-paid license models force users to pay for licenses they rarely use,” said Matt Calligan, ArmorText’s Director of Growth Markets, echoing Mitter’s sentiments. “Reserve Capacity gives our clients the flexibility to use ArmorText how they need and only pay for what they use – when they use it. ArmorText is committed to innovation and addressing the evolving needs of our clients. We’re proud to bring even more value to our clients through our expanded suite of security solutions.”

Recently a global professional services firm incorporated ArmorText’s core offering and the Crisis Response Reserve Capacity for both their own operations and for their clients who are using their Incident Response services.

“ArmorText has become a cornerstone of our incident response offering. It has empowered us to guarantee our clients robust, secure communications, regardless of the threat landscape,” said their Head of Cyber Defense, highlighting this integration. “With the addition of the Crisis Response Reserve Capacity, we now have the ability to instantly scale secure communications during a crisis, ensuring business continuity and operational resilience for us and our clients.”

With ArmorText’s Crisis Response Reserve Capacity, organizations worldwide can anticipate improved security, faster incident response times, and stronger operational resilience, enabling them to navigate today’s intricate cyber threat landscape with confidence.

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ArmorText, a leading provider of Secure Out of Band Collaboration™ solutions, protects sensitive communications for critical infrastructure entities worldwide. ArmorText’s groundbreaking offerings, including Crisis Response Reserve Capacity, deliver enhanced security and crisis response capabilities, helping organizations maintain compliance, protect their networks, and ensure business continuity.

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