ArmorText’s Secure Gateway: Elevating Secure Integrations, Reinforcing Cyber Resilience

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August 22, 2023 10:38 AM Eastern Daylight Time

MCLEAN, Va.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–ArmorText, a trusted leader in Secure Out of Band Collaboration™, unveils the enhanced ArmorText Secure Gateway, an innovative solution that reinforces secure and efficient data exchange for critical infrastructure entities worldwide.

Renowned in the industries of banking, healthcare, utilities, oil & gas, manufacturing, defense industrial base, governments, and others, ArmorText is the premier choice for organizations requiring advanced security measures. With clientele that includes energy providers supplying over 80% of American household power and financial institutions with $2 trillion in AUM, ArmorText continues to deliver secure solutions for security operations, incident response, and threat intelligence knowledge sharing.

The Forrester Wave™: Secure Communications, Q3 2022, acknowledges ArmorText’s proficiency, saying “ArmorText excels at enabling out of band communications… [and] is a great fit for security operations, incident response communications and collaboration, as well as multi-organization threat intelligence sharing.”

The ArmorText Secure Gateway allows organizations to send end-to-end encrypted sensitive data, such as messaging and file-related content, from any source, including OT systems and SIEM data, directly to security teams. Supporting multiple integration types, the Secure Gateway enables:

  • SIEM bots sending detailed alerts containing sensitive information, saving valuable time during crises.
  • One-way end-to-end encrypted messages from OT systems to specified ArmorText conversations, with conversation content inaccessible to the bot, shielding against potential external access even in case of a bot compromised by attackers.

Bots can be configured for selective bi-directional communications, and the Secure Gateway can be combined with one-way hardware diodes through ArmorText’s hardware partners, ensuring a thorough separation of OT and IT environments while still delivering sensitive OT insights into IT conversations. All communications are safeguarded with the same granular end-to-end encryption approach utilized by all users on ArmorText.

According to a Senior Cyber Security Engineer at a leading power generation, transmission and investment company, “ArmorText’s Secure Gateway allows us to reliably deliver system alerts to our on-call staff in a fully end-to-end encrypted environment while reducing our costs by 75%. The secure gateway even alerted us to things during the POC that the tool we’d been using for years missed.”

“ArmorText’s Secure Gateway isn’t just an evolution in secure communication – it’s a revolution in how we think about sharing and acting on sensitive information. It goes beyond simple alerts, from enabling fully automated threat intelligence exchange in real-time through a conversational UI, to delivering end-to-end encrypted data from UAV-mounted sensors,” adds Navroop Mitter, ArmorText’s CEO. “The Gateway expands the horizons of what’s possible in secure collaboration, putting critical insights straight into the hands of those who need it most, without compromising on speed or security.”

“We’ve all read the articles about integrations being used to compromise Teams and Slack. ArmorText’s Secure Gateway delivers sensitive data directly to security teams in real-time to their ArmorText out of band channels, which eliminates the weak security of traditional integrated alerting,” says Matt Calligan, ArmorText’s Director of Growth Markets, emphasizing the solution’s value for incident responders. “Security teams who get incident response workflow alerts in their enterprise environment – like from Blameless or FireHydrant – should be looking at ArmorText to better secure those alerts.”

With the launch of ArmorText’s Secure Gateway, organizations worldwide can level up the security of sensitive information delivered into collaboration channels, backing integrations with end-to-end encryption, thereby removing a common pathway for data exfiltration.

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ArmorText is a premier provider of Secure Out of Band Collaboration™ solutions, safeguarding sensitive communications for critical infrastructure entities around the globe. ArmorText’s suite of innovative offerings, including Secure Gateway, delivers robust security and crisis response capabilities to ensure business continuity, network protection, and regulatory compliance.

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